San Salvador

Thinking back on where the My Science! My Conch! project got started…

BREEF and the Bahamas National Trust have been educating the public for years about conch. Both organizations have noted the troubling trend of declining conch stocks and put their efforts into educating teachers and students about the species and the threat of over-fishing. BREEF has even included midden surveys into their educational programs, so it wasn’t difficult to expand on their approach by adding the methods used by Community Conch in their surveys of conch stocks throughout The Bahamas and setting a goal of visiting as many communities as possible to spread the word.

San Salvador is the island where BREEF hosts their annual Marine Conservation Teacher Training Workshop, and where the pilot for My Science! My Conch! took place in 2012. Teachers from all over The Bahamas attended the workshop and participated in the first version of the program. They gave us excellent feedback on how we could improve it, and most importantly make it fun for a whole range of ages and skill levels. Here are some photos!

san sal