Get Involved

My Science! My Conch! is a nationwide citizen-science project going on now throughout The Bahamas! Communities and schools are getting involved in the effort to collect important scientific data and learn more about that giant, delicious, sea snail we all love, the Queen Conch.

Why Citizen Science? Why Conch?
Do you know enough about your favorite food? Citizen science or science conducted by citizens, is a great way for communities to learn more about the value of their natural resources. Participants in MSMC will get hands on experience in the collection of scientific data that will help fishery managers make more informed decisions about one of the most important fisheries in The Bahamas, the Queen Conch fishery. And you’ll become the expert!

Sign up when My Science! My Conch! comes to your community to…

• Gain a better understanding of the scientific method of gathering information

• Learn lots of cool and interesting facts about the Queen Conch

• Become better informed and share ideas about managing sustainable fisheries…FRITTERS FOREVER!!

• Support the national Conchservation campaign

The full day program includes…

Conch 101: Education and training program

Be the scientist! Guided scientific survey of a conch “midden”

What did you find? See your results and talk Conch-servation with national and community partners.


TIME: Approximately 6 hours

ALSO INCLUDED: T-shirt, snack/lunch

Limited space available. Sign up now to reserve your spot in this fun and educational program!

This program does not include water-based activities.

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